ATS Maintenance
An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps recruitment and hiring needs of the organization via its electronic handling software application. An ATS can be accessed and implemented online at an enterprise as well as a small business level, depending on the needs of the company; free and open-source ATS software is also available. It is an HR software that allows staffing companies to gather, analyze, and shift job applicant data.
Why David Solutions:
David solutions being into the recruitment and staffing industry knows how crucial it is for an organization to maintain talent pool pipeline and keep all recruitment and hiring material available at one go. Our ATS maintenance team helps our clients to maintain their ATS and keep all the job posts arranged, candidates sourced, and candidates who have applied in the proper tracker and manage application tracking.
We also post urgent available jobs on various portals and job boards integrated to ATS. Arranging all this helps the recruiter to search for the candidate on just one click and makes hiring faster, providing reports and analysis.

Benefits of using ATS:

  • Automatizes & streamlines the recruitment process.
  • One-click job posting to various job boards (as ATS can be linked to multiple job boards)
  • Manage candidates all in one place and manage the entire staffing process
    via your custom workflow
  • Quickly identifies the best candidates and excludes the non-fit profiles.
  • Get rid of resumes that are choking mail-boxes.
  • Gives your company’s website a branded careers page
  • Makes tracking & managing of applications easier than ever
  • Enhance Reporting and Compliance
  • Interview scheduling, see all your interviewers’ schedules side by side
  • Improve Communication & Reduce Friction
  • Cost-efficient and improves the cost per hire

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Resume Sourcing - RPO

Sourcing is the method of finding resumes within the recruitment process. Recruiters need to find qualified candidates for their open jobs with very unique and niche work experience.

Telephonic screening

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CV Formatting/Resume Formatting

As the business world is rapidly growing with time, resume formatting services are fast becoming one of the perpetual needs of the companies for their branding and marketing.

ATS Maintenance

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps recruitment and hiring needs of the
organization via its electronic handling software application. An ATS can be

Lead Sourcing

Lead sourcing is the process of gathering leads, so basically, a list of leads is built without any marketing activities. Sales experts or freelancers can do lead sourcing.

Web Research & Data Mining

David Solutions offers the highest quality data mining services through web scraping, web research, and web data extraction. Through a team of expert specialists.

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