Lead Sourcing
Lead sourcing is the process of gathering leads, so basically, a list of leads is built without any marketing activities. Sales experts or freelancers can do lead sourcing. Lead sourcing is based on discovering the source of targeted leads and extracting them into CRM or spreadsheets. The quantity and quality of lead information are sometimes limited by the source, but finding a good source is not that hard, so it’s not a problem to source leads with names, designation, phone numbers, e-mails, addresses, and more.  If you’re a marketer, the value of lead sourcing is well known. The extreme research and energy that a marketer goes through to release any campaign are praiseworthy. Lead generation helps in building company branding and advertising your products and services. Leads sourcing can be generated from different sources like social media, through individual references, through phone calls, or e-mail marketing. New internet trending lead sourcing methods are online lead sourcing, and social media lead sourcing is a new era for building leads. With the development of communication sites, online networking is used by associations and people to produce leads or pick up business openings. Many organizations effectively take an
interest in internet lead sourcing platforms which includes LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to discoverability pools or market organizations new product and services. Online Advertising methods like paid AdWords (CPM, CPC) play a vital role in generating leads. This type of leads generated is already interested in the client’s product or services.

Lead sourcing methods:  
Manual lead sourcing:
Manually going through the lists and extracting all the necessary information into a spreadsheet to build leads pipeline is one of the well-known methods of lead sourcing. This can be done to find leads by name, e-mail, contact number, designation, etc. for small as well as big enterprises. We source maximum leads to provide the maximum result for the client.
Automated lead sourcing:
This is probably one of the most popular and interesting leads to sourcing methods. Automated lead sourcing is based on lead sourcing through tools and software that can extract lead information from various sources. The more advanced the lead tool is; the more sources it covers. Good lead sourcing tool extracts more than just e-mails, but also names, positions, phones, companies, and more.
Lead purchasing:
This is the most expensive, but the fastest lead sourcing method. Actually, it’s as simple as it can be — you just buy leads from the vendors. These can be trusted and established companies, or some guys that sell mass e-mail lists.
Why David Solutions?
David Solution’s lead sourcing experts find people who hold specific titles, company name, job function sector, industry, etc. as per client specifies. We provide you data in a spreadsheet, including the name, designation, company, and telephone number, and/or e-mail address. From here, your business developers can start building relationships with prospective customers or clients and sell them the product or services. Our vision is to provide maximum quality leads which will increase client’s business.


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Lead Sourcing

Lead sourcing is the process of gathering leads, so basically, a list of leads is built without any marketing activities. Sales experts or freelancers can do lead sourcing.

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David Solutions offers the highest quality data mining services through web scraping, web research, and web data extraction. Through a team of expert specialists.

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